Vision of Cordia Management college under Punjabi University

Our Approach

The Sanghol Educational Project, with its goal of excellence, seeks to create in collaboration with industry and globally reputed universities world-class academic institutions to generate a resource of trained employable youth of India. These institutions will be supported by the Cordia Group of Industries in order to develop a strong mutually beneficial association with industry. The industry will be enabled to draw upon this highly trained source group from these Cordia Institutes to meet their human capital needs and for embarking upon long term learning programs for their employees.

Sanghol Education Complex represents a long-term commitment to the development of this historic community. The Complex is being developed as a Centre of Excellency in education sector but will also feature other modern amenities that will set it apart. Further investment is being planned which will also embrace region's heritage and link this to contemporary features. A Heritage Centre is helping to preserve and promote the cultural, political and economic history of Sanghol. Eminent scholars will help to preserve the past for posterity and carry the traditions into the future. A polytechnic institute is also being set up to impart technical skills to rural youth and creating opportunities for jobs and self-employment. In addition to traditional and technical education, trust is also planning for a resource center for Art and Craft, an institute which will inculcate skills related to various traditional and modern arts and crafting techniques. An auditorium is being constructed for academic, cultural and social functions for students and people from the surrounding area.

Go Green: In tune with environmental concerns, the Complex is developing initiatives in renewable technologies such as biomass, solar energy, power and water harvesting. This focus will increase the sustainability of the complex, Sanghol village and surrounding areas. Sustainability will also be enhanced in other areas through the development of a herbal garden including plants with medicinal advantages as well as fruit orchards and vegetables. Sanghol Education Complex recognizes the importance of preserving the region’s excellent environment and is working with the local community to enhance the environment and living conditions. This will include work to harness alternative energy sources such as solar energy and its application to provide electricity, hot water and other schemes include rainwater harvesting and biomass technology. The complex, in addition, is assisting the local community on farming and horticultural projects that will improve economic conditions throughout the region.

Village Welfare: The approach of Sanghol Education Complex is to contribute to the well being of everyone in the village and wider community and has been quick to respond to ideas and requests that will enable the community to grow in terms of education standards, social cohesion and economic development. As a result of this approach, the complex is now at the heart of village life.

Adult Education: Sanghol Education Complex is committed to the extension of its services and facilities to the wider community as part of its focus on promoting education and knowledge throughout the region. An extensive adult education program will be developed to enable local adults, particularly women, to develop new skills in areas such as craft, products for tourism and computer technology. The program will be expanded to focus on developing other skills that will provide economic benefits to the community. Adult education services will be developed in the villages to empower women to play a greater role in economy and society.

Our Promoters

Chairman- Lord Diljit Singh Rana


Prof Tom Fraser

Sardar Pavit Mattewal

Mr Anil Malhotra

Prof Kapil Kapoor

Dr Anil Suri

Mr Sanjeev Sharma

Lord Rana Edu City

(Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD and Punjab Govt., Affiliated to Punjabi University, Patiala) Sanghol (Chd-Ldh Highway), Tehsil Khamano, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib (Pb.), India

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Committed to Education of rural youth and rural transformation, the Lord Rana Edu City in its beautiful green and educationally conducive environs is steadily progressing towards the realization of the ideals and vision of Late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and its Chairman Rt Lord Diljit Rana.

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